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Designed, patented and first manufactured in 2015, the Tray buddy makes the job of transporting food, drinks and other items around the home easier and safer using just one hand.

When balance, fatigue and weakness are a challenge because of conditions like Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, or Stroke for example, the Tray buddy gives you more ability to achieve everyday activities.

We know that life changes in a moment.

A fracture, slip disc, having a hip or knee replacement and other similar events usually create frustrating restrictions that although short term, often impact on our level of independence. So the ‘Tray buddy can also provide temporary assistance after accidents and during rehabilitation.

Even some of the challenges that follow after having procedures such as; a Mastectomy (breast removal) or craniotomy (brain tumor removal) are better managed by Tray buddy use.

The great thing about the ‘Tray buddy’ is its ease of use with or without disability.

It can be conveniently and practically used by anyone wanting to make the job of transporting small items around the home that much easier.
It’s your helpful buddy!

As well as observing and highlighting the many ways and situations the Tray buddy can be used in, it has also been analysed in detail to consider other important areas such as, how weight is distributed across it and how much it can safely carry.

Throughout the production process, we’re also very proud to make it an important priority to finish every Tray buddy we make with love and care.

We’ve kept it simple yet creatively functional.

Manufactured using responsibly sourced, sustainable materials including FSC Certificated wood, the Tray buddy is all about delivering.

It first brings you its durable, natural and contemporary design qualities before then helping you to carry and deliver safely the items you need to transport around your home.

Using natural materials, you can expect to see some variation in wood grain and shade that add to the Tray buddys authentic and individual character.

Rest assured that the individual marks and grains that appear after application of oil or varnish will give your Tray buddy a little of its own personality.

Standabowl is a registered Trademark. Registration number: 400003125732 The Tray buddy is a registered Trademark Registration number: 4040113. VAT number: 993 8635 4564